New Baby This Morning At The Farm

Well, it’s that time of year….baby season at the farm!

We had our first kid goat, a girl, on January 8th.  We named her “Boots” due to her black feet and white body.

This morning as I entered the livestock barn all the critters were quiet.  But, when I looked into the doe pen where half of my pregnant does are, I saw a little body.  Yah!  A new little baby.

The baby was a girl and had been born in the last hour.

Here are some photos of the morning at the barn.  The first picture is of Boots, a girl, who was born Jan. 8th.  The second is an interesting photo as Spettit is eating the afterbirth.  This is something that the new mothers do to protect the babies and it is also full of nutrients.  The afterbirth will draw predators so the new mamas will eat it so there isn’t anything that will put their baby in danger.  The third photo is a great shot of the new baby learning how to nurse for the first time.  She is about 1 hour old at this point.  We decided to name her “Bonnet” due to the white hat she has on her head.  The lower pictures are taken within 15 to 20 minutes after the baby was born.

You can click on photos below to view them in larger scale.

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