Anxiously Awaiting Dawn – Story Of A Farm Girl’s Life (Poem)


Brand New One Hour Old Kid Born (We Named Her Bonnet)

Anxiously Awaiting Dawn

Anxiously I wait in resting

Watching the moon as it slowly subsides.

Dark the sky is catching

A twinkle of the starry night sky.

Oh, how I long til morning,

To slip on my boots and go outside.

The barn oh how it’s calling,

As dawn breaks and I hear baby cries.

The mist, it blankets the pastures.

The dew it covers the morn.

I slip on my muck boots and journey

To the barn where lambs and kids are being born.

I truly do love Christmas.

It is a most joyous time of year.

However, to me, this farm girl, it’s not Christmas…..

But rather January where there is great cheer.

As this is the time for lambing,

And kidding too as plump mamas waddle on.

Their bellies oh so swollen,

Then they lay and bring forth a new generation.

I truck to the barn rather briskly

As I already have two babies born.

This is why I love farm life,

I am greeted by barn babies this morn.


Bonnet, Our New Baby Girl,…Well, She Has A Bonnet On Her Head

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