Farm Life Is Always Better With My Husband Helping With The Critters

We have a fairly diversified farm.  As retirees it’s pretty nice as my husband can go one way and I can drift off into my own hobbies, all while still being together.

My husband Mike tends to spend a lot of his time in his wood shop and milling lumber on his mill.


Mill Time

I, on the other hand, love making soap or making natural medicine from my herbal bounty in the garden combined with my bee hives.

But, there are times when we can’t do what both of us do alone and we team up.  This morning is one of those mornings.

We are now roaring into lambing and kidding season.  I can never do that alone without my husband.  He is so good in helping me during these times.  We have two new baby goats.  One is one week old (Boots) and one is 24 hours old (Bonnet).

This morning is the time when I need to give the baby and the mama shots.  Around here we don’t have much selenium in the soil so it is imperative we give BOSE shots (which is selenium and vitamin E).  I also worm the mama as right after delivery does have a weakened immune system and we don’t want worms taking over her system.

So, this morning my husband did chores with me and it was a real treat for me.  Here are a few shots of our morning with Boots and the horses.


Bonnet’s First Day Exploring The Barn – She Is 24 Hours Old


Bonnet Saying Hi To The Ducks For The First Time


Mike Loving On The Horses At Meal Time


Mike Holding Bonnet And Keeping Her Calm As I Prepare Her Shot

It’s a good life here at the farm.  When I get to be with my husband in the barn tending  to our little babies together, it’s just about a perfect life.

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