Late Night Rendezvous With My Loves

It’s late right now,

About 2 in the morn.

They call me again,

More babies being born.

It’s cold outside,

The needle’s dipping low.

36 degrees,

It’s time for me to go.

I hop out of bed,

My husband’s in a worry.

Honey, it’s cold outside,

Don’t be in such a hurry.

I have to go,

I quickly say.

It’s baby time,

Let me just check

Dont worry I won’t stay.

I huff on my overalls

And put on two coats.

I pack up my camera

and haul my med tote.

I hop in the ranger

And zip down the road.

Dang, it is truly

A frigid night cold.

I turn on the lights

And to my surprise

It looks like there’s no new babies,

At least until sunrise.

I check on the critters

The girls and the boys.

They all seem quite sleepy

I try not to make noise.

The new mamas starting nursing,

Each suckling kid.

I pull out my camera

And take off the lid.

These moments at nightfall,

When everyone’s asleep,

I can’t help but love

My goats and my sheep.

I decide to say goodnight

And turn off the barn light.

I am happy to know,

All my loves are alright.


A poem I wrote about visiting my lambing and kidding barn at 2:00 am to make sure there are no new babies that have dropped due to cold temperatures that are to happen tonight and snow tomorrow.

Here are pictures of my late night rendezvous with my loves. Please follow if you like receiving updates on our life on the farm!




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