Prayers Answered: She Took The Bottle!

Well, our third baby goat of the season has been an interesting one.  She was born yesterday morning and was suckling all day on her mama.  However, she kept looking thinner and thinner so I checked her mom’s udder and there was no milk coming out. Her udder was hard and not producing milk.  I massaged her udder which seemed to help a bit but not much milk was coming out.

So, little Nicky stayed in the house with us last night.  It got down to 36 degrees last night and I was worried with her low immune system and very little body fat, she’d suffer in the cold of the night though we do have a great barn.  Still, it’s not worth risking the loss of a baby due to poor nursing, low colostrum intake and a cold night.

She ended up sleeping in the clothes hamper by our bed.  I was up at 1am with her to try and bottle feed her colostrum.  She fought the bottle and it was a tad nerve racking.

But, as you can see this morning bright and early she happily took the bottle.

Even better news was that when I took her back out to the barn, her mother accepted her very well, and Little Nicky started nursing.  It appears the doe’s milk production is improving now and finally coming in as Little Nicky’s tail was wagging and I could tell she was getting milk in her.

So, that was a great result for a somewhat concerning evening.

My husband and I are pretty tired now.  But, the baby is alive and doing well.  So, that is great news.

Here are a few pictures of this morning with Little Princess Nicketti.


Yes!  Finally!!


Little Nicky Chilling By Her Bottle She Just Learned How To Drink Before Going Outside


Reunited With Mom!  All Is Right With The World

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