Two More Baby Goats Born Today ~ Blessed Day

I love heading down to the barn this time of year.  I was out at the barn at 2am this morning as I was convinced our ewes were going to deliver.  They appeared to be starting labor last night.  But, as of 2am there were no lambs.

I had a baby goat in the house last night due to her mom’s milk not coming in so this morning I wanted to get her back down to the barn to be with her mom after I fed her a bottle.

Low and behold we had another baby kid goat (a male this time) born.  I am really excited about him because he is 1/2 Nubian and 1/2 Nigerian Dwarf.  Both are dairy goat breeds but I like the cross as the Nubians are a bigger dairy goat but I like the Nigerian Dwarf’s milk content and flavor better.  So to have a buck from this cross is great for our herd going forward.

It was a cold a dreary day today so I spent a great deal of time in the barn with the babies.  Sitting on a hay bale and having them jump and play around me is just about the best way I can spend my time on a Saturday.

I wanted to get back down to the barn later in the day to fill all the water and low and behold we had a second baby goat born today.  The second was a little girl!

So, now we have five babies, four girls and one boy.

Here’s our cute little flock as of this afternoon.

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This Is Boots She Was Born January 8th


This Is Bonnet She Was Born On January 14th


This Is Princess Nicketti Born January 17th


This Is Arturo He Was Born Today January 18th


Baby In Front Of Picture Is Miss Jemima Jefferson Born This Evening January 18th


Little Jemima Has A Black Head And Big White Star

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