My Rustic Hideaway In The Mountains (Poem)

My Rustic Hideaway In The Mountains

You call me at odd times in the morn in daylight.

You beckon me to come in the middle of the night.

When things are so quiet you stir a restlessness in me.

I am pulled into your warm arms like being swept out to sea.

Wood golden, sunlight, old lodge door calling my name.

I feel a deep pulling toward a place I can’t tame.

Wild and secluded, nature’s gorgeous design,

Hidden just below the mountain timberline.

I sit on this mountain and ponder life’s ways,

As I drift in my woodland and drift on for days.

The texture of cedars, the scent of the pines,

The color of autumn maples, a medley so fine.

The smell of the fire, the crackle of wood,

I am living a better life than any man should.

The truth of simple living is to appreciate the view,

Opening our eyes and awakening our spirit anew.

This rustic lodge is my special place,

As I curl up in my Adirondack chair to escape the rat race.

~ By this farm girl Lori Davis writing about my special place here on this mountain

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