A Crisp Cold Winter Morning Photographic Farm Tour Of HiBar Ranch

It is cold this morning:  Really cold.  It’s in the low 20 degrees F. so all the water buckets are still frozen.  I’ve had to truck down water to all three barns.  The great news is all the new babies are doing well.  And, we had two new baby goats last night that are big and healthy this morn.  We now have seven new baby goats, with six being girls and one being a boy.  It’s funny how some years we get a lot of girls and some years we get a lot of boys.  Usually my does throw twins or triplets.  This year, there haven’t been any twins until the two this morning that were born late last night.  Here’s a video of the twin girls born to Greta, our Boer.

The other babies are doing well and starting to roam about and explore outside.


Bonnet Outside Exploring This Morning

On the way back up our drive I found the sun to be quite lovely beginning to peak over the foothills onto our farm.  So, I thought I’d share some pictures of the farm this morning at 20 degrees and sunrise climbing over the foothills of the Smokies.  We are starting at the bottom of the drive, going up to all three barns and ending at the house atop the hill.

Here we go…..


Round Bales Patiently Waiting


I Am Heading Back Up The Drive To Get Warm By The Wood Stove


The Horses Are Fed At The Horse Barn


The Livestock Barn With Our Victorian At The Top Of The Hill In The Distance


Sun Is Breaking Out Over The Smoky Mountain Foothills


The Grass Really Is That Green Believe It Or Not


I Go Back Into Our Livestock Barn To Pick Up Lil Bean (our bottle baby goat)


I Head Back Up To The Top Of The Farm With The Dogs And Chickens


Radar And Ruby Ready To Lay By The Wood Stove With Me


The Riding Ring


Stick Season In The South – All Leaves On The Ground


Tree Swing Over Looking The Mountains


Flag Of Freedom And Our 3rd Barn (Upper Riding Ring Barn)


The Smokies


Back At The House And Time To Get Warm!!

Now it’s time to sit by the wood cook stove and warm up!!!

Have a blessed day.  And, if you enjoy reading our blog daily, then remember to follow us to stay apprised of our posts.

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