Cutest Babies Ever In The Barn This Morn! (Baby Goat and Lamb Videos)

I love going into our barn this time of year.  The babies couldn’t be any cuter.

We have nine babies now, seven baby goats and two baby lambs.  Here are some great video clips of them this morning @ HiBar Ranch.

Some cute photos are also below.

Below is a video of our beautiful twin girls Lilly and Rose from our Boer Greta.

The latest video of our new little lamb Skyfall.  We just love her coloring!

Some cute photography of the morning in the barn.


Twins Lilly And Rose Sleeping


Rose Wondering What I Am Doing On The Ground Taking Pictures LOL


Greta Is An Absolutely Amazing Mother


Cutest Nursing Photo Ever


Lil Bean (Our Bottle Baby) With Her Mom (Left) and Jemima Jane With Her Mom Asiago (Right)


Lil Jemima Jane Jefferson Hang’n With Mom Asiago

It is so wonderful to watch them all growing so healthy and strong.  We are blessed that it hasn’t been terribly cold and they can all adapt well with their mothers.

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Have a blessed day!

~ From all of us @ HiBar Ranch, Farm and Forest




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