Superman Lives On This Farm! 2835 Watt Solar Array Install Update


Mike Installing His New 2835 Watt Solar Array On The Roof Of His Shop

Well today doing farm chores my husband wanted me to help him a bit get the solar modules up on the scaffolding.  Of course, he planned to do all the rest himself.  I am so blessed to have this man as my husband.  No one can believe it but his about to turn 73 in two weeks.  Yet, he is out every single day working this farm and is now installing a major solar array to take a bunch of our farm off grid.

We currently have our livestock barn off grid and chicken coop for winter lighting as well.  Now we plan on taking off grid our well that waters all our livestock across the farm along with key infrastructure components such as fridges and freezers and such.

We will do a complete blog after the entire process is done, but as for this morning, my superman was up on the roof bright and early and I am not even sure it’s peaked over 32 degrees yet outside.  Truly, he is amazing.


Mike Lifting The Modules Onto The Roof


Me Trying To Help My Superman


Mike Connecting Modules Electrically And Securing Them On Roof Mounts 


After helping him get the modules up, I left him to do his work and I headed down to do the dogs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, donkey and horses.

There were no new babies in the barn this morning but all nine current babies are doing absolutely great.  We have seven baby goats and two lambs so far.  Even our bottle baby Lil Bean is now in the barn and nursing on her mom and also still taking the bottle.

Here are some great shots of Greta (our Boer) and her two beautiful twin girls.  I haven’t been able to get good photographs of them but this morning I did.





Here are a few pictures of Lil Bean (Black and Brown baby) with her mama and Jemima Jane white with black/white head and her mama Asiago.



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Have a blessed day!

~ From all of us at HiBar Ranch, Farm & Forest

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