Weak Lamb Doing Better – Farm Updates

So far this lambing and kidding season all has gone quite well.  I had to briefly bring one baby kid goat into the house but she is back out with her mom and also taking a bottle.  However, on Sunday morning (yesterday) when I went out to the barn, one of my first time mothers (a ewe) had her baby girl but the baby wasn’t nursing and the mother, Lou Lou, didn’t seem to know what to do.

I could tell that the lamb hadn’t had any milk yet as she felt light and wasn’t plump like a new born gets after its had nourishment.  And, the baby (whom we named star due to her black coloring with big white top hat) was just standing listless in the corner.  Needless to say, we were concerned.

Our protocol for such things is to clean the baby up and assure her umbilical cord is cleaned up and try and help her learn how to nurse on her mom.  My husband helped and he held Lou Lou in place and I worked with Star to learn how to nurse.

It ended up going pretty well so we left them in the birthing stall with the other ewes and their new borns and headed out.

Well, later in the day when we went back to check on all the critters, for some reason the lamb was out in the middle of the barn alone.  How it got away from its mom and out of the stall is a mystery.  But, I could once again tell it hadn’t had nourishment so back in the stall it went and back to us holding the mother in place so Star could nurse.

Finally, later in the evening my husband and I opted to put Lou Lou in her own small private nursing pen that is wrapped with blankets for warmth and privacy and keep her and her baby there.  We were hoping that Lou Lou would become more comfortable being a new mama and that Star would learn how to pro-actively nurse.

Today we went out and things were looking up.  It was apparent that Star had been nursing though only on one teat.  We once again held Lou Lou so that Star could begin to nurse on the other teat so it wouldn’t be painful for Lou Lou.  When their udders gets tender from engorged milk, they really don’t like babies nursing on them.  It simply hurts too much.

We then proceeded to give mama a de-wormer and a BOSE shot (selenium and vitamin E) and also gave the baby a BOSE shot.

Here is a few pictures and videos of our morning.


Star Has Been Nursing On Only One Teat – So We Assisted So Lou Lou Would Feel Better

Below is the video we shot of Star finally learning how to nurse on mama Lou Lou, who allowed her to but then didn’t.  We worked on this for a while so Lou Lou would stay still for Star.

Below are several cute videos of the baby goats as they get healthier and are full of vigor and craziness.  I love sitting in the barn and just playing with them.  Lil Bean is doing much better and is nursing but also gets a bottle from me.  So, she is really friendly but is still soooo tiny.

I headed down to the horse barn and brought all the horses in for the day.  The dreary rain was just cold enough not to be pleasant.  And, I know our older boys (quarter horses) like the privacy of eating without having to have another lurking over their shoulder.

I took a few shots of the horse barn this morning while I was liking the yellow light that our new lights throw off in the barn.  It’s a nice vibe.  It seems like a place you’d have a wedding. LOL.


The Horses In Their Stalls With Heads Down Eating


I Drive Right Inside And Muck / Lay Down Chip For Stalls In The Rain

It is nice sometimes to just hang down here with the horses in the mountains with the big doors open on both ends listening to the rain hit the roof.  It’s so quiet up here in the mountains with no cars around.  We live on a one lane road.  There’s no yellow paint line to divide traffic.  There are as many people who walk their dog, ride bikes as there are cars that go by…and that’s not alot.

We like it here in this beautiful place.  More sounds of rain and less sounds of automobiles is such a nice departure from my past life in the city.  I don’t miss that life one bit.  Instead, I just look forward to my critters, the beauty of these mountains and the sounds of rain or the feeling of sun as it beats down on me.

I am happy here.

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