Snowfall Morning After Significant Flooding At Our Ranch – East Tennessee

The snow is beginning to fall as I type this.  I am about to go outside and do the chores.  I have trepidation this morning as I wonder how bad the flooding still is in our valley.  I watch the temperature, hoping it will inspire me to dress up.  Boots on, warm coat, cowboy hat……no, not today.  The thermostat says 32 degrees. I look outside again.  There are snow flurries.

But, no wood stove smoke yet.  No coffee in hand.  My baby goat needs her bottle.  All the livestock need water.  When they are cooped up in stalls they go through a great deal of water.  They have been cooped up for a full 24 hours.  Why?  Because our farm flooded.

Yesterday, well you’ve probably seen it on the news, East Tennessee was hit with torrential rains: Everything flooded.  Our farm valley was a four football field lake moving water so swiftly through six mile creek, now a raging river, that it was floating 1000 plus pound logs downstream.  Well, that was until they log jammed somewhere.  That was either a tree or our fences.

That is why we no longer have any fences.  The steel posts and cattle panel fencing served as a collection device for the awesome weight and force of the raging current.  That power literally bent our steel posts flat sideways.  90 degree bends at the ground of steel.  Wow, that is the force of the water.

Well, I need to check my animals.  I need to check the overflowing catfish pond.  Fortunately it didn’t breach it’s levy or the entire subdivision at the end of our farm would be flooded.  Well, to be honest, yesterday the subdivision was already flooded up to people’s door steps. I am sure everyone who had a basement now had a swimming pool already.

It does make me wonder why people build their homes in a flood plain.  Granted, there hasn’t been this type of flooding I am guessing, in 100 years.  Maybe that is why the building permits were allowed.  But, yah…………..I am simply glad the levy held.

It’s not even 9am.  And, this is what I am worried about.  There are so many amazing things about farm life.  Mother Nature is probably the most fascinating of all and also the most unpredictable.

Well, I will go put on my boots now and layer on my winter ware. My  animals are calling my name and the snow will just have to continue falling for a while.

Have a blessed day.


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