Tennessee Flooding Today Nearly Took Out Half Our Farm

Well today has been an exhausting one.  Tennessee has been saturated with torrential rains.  You’ve probably seen by now that water is raging through Gatlinburg, TN and Sevierville, TN is completely flooded in areas.

This morning we awoke to insane water on our farm.  I will have pictures up in a few days as the video footage I captured today warrants a whole video.

But, let me just say this, our entire lower pasture is under water.  Our fences are gone.  Our gates are gone.  The fish pond sits on high ground on our property.  It completely spilled over its banks.  This has never happened before.

Our dam is thick and there is a valley and subdivision below after our farm ends.  The water there was massive.  Water was directly up to people’s homes if not in them already.  And, it was only 9am.

The horses, goats and sheep are all in the barns hunkered down.  But, they will have to stay that way until the water goes down AND we rebuild a vast swath of fence.  Our steel fence posts were literally bent over horizontally completely to the ground.  The cattle panel fencing literally caught debris and held it and the force of the water literally bent steel.

Our bridge held though water was pushing on it so hard you’d think the entire culvert and bridge would break out.  The other road out was completely flooded.  Any car driving on it would simply float away.

What yesterday was a nice beautiful greening pasture basin today was a four football fields wide lake.  And, the water kept coming down all day.

I am going to bed now.  It’s passed midnight.  I am tired.  And, tomorrow we are back at it again.

No photos, but they will be coming in a few days via video.

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