Farm Life: Spring Puppies Bring Great Joy

It has been such a special spring here at HiBar Ranch.  Yes, I know the Corona Virus has caused the entire planet to hunker down.  No, that isn’t pleasant to many.  But, on our farm very little changes; even with quarantine.  We spend our full days here on the farm in retirement and will continue to do so.  The advantage to us is that more of our kids who are grown get to spend time with us helping on the farm and creating great memories.

There is nothing more fun then having puppies, so having puppies now when all of us in our family can be here to enjoy them is very much a blessing.

Our Australian Shepherd pups were born April 3rd.  Here is the photos from then being born to yesterday.  Boy how they grow.  They have just opened their eyes this last week and were outside for the first time yesterday.

We ended up having six boys and one girl.


Puppies Sleep A Lot


Nova – Our Only Girl LOL


Cutest Little Sausage Rolls Ever


Our Adult Kids Get To Enjoy Them During Quarantine


Their First Day Outside


Little Nova Exploring Outside For The First Time

IMG_0019 (1)

Chunky Monkey — He Is So Curious 

It’s been a very unique spring to say the least.  We hope you all are taking this time to slow down, engage with family and nature and see how blessed we are to be present and enjoy the simple things in life; like puppies.

Remember to follow us on our blog here at and also subscribe to our youtube channel: HiBar Ranch.  We’d love for you to join us on our farming/homesteading journey and learn pointers on how to get back to basics and enjoy the simple things.


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