A Big Week At Our Farm – Lots Happening #TNHomesteading at HiBar Ranch

Well, it’s almost 8am right now at I am ready for a very busy week.  I have to head out early to get grain for the horses, sheep and goats and hurry back because our farrier is coming.  It’s been hard getting folks out during the quarantine.  We are also having our farrier haul our mare over to his farm and have her bred.  She will be bred to a large donkey so we’ll have a palomino mule next spring.  We are really excited about that.

I have to get our big gardens planted over the next three days.  But, on top of that, my shearer is coming on Wednesday and will be shearing all my sheep.  There is so much to do here at the farm.  This is truly our busiest time of year.

Simultaneous to all that is milking the baby goat Ragnar and now switching over to feeding our new puppy litter ‘mash’ each day.

Here are a few shots of the farm in these last few days of April.


Spring At The Livestock Barn



Sun Setting Over The Farmhouse


Spring Calves


Woodland Sunset


New Horse Barn Mike Built By Hand – & Milled All Lumber On His Mill


Progress On The Tiny House


Our New Kid Josie Born On Earth Day


Ruby With Her Puppies


Little Girl Nova

We hope you have a great week and if you enjoy our blogs and blogs we’d love for you to subscribe.  You can also follow our youtube channel at HiBar Ranch #TNHomesteading.


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