FARM LIFE ~ A Beautiful Life (Farm Photography) @ HiBar Ranch

I wanted to share some of the lovely photography that we’ve captured on the farm yesterday.  Why?  It’s beautiful number one.  But, number two is because I had an interesting conversation with our feed supplier yesterday, the AgCo-op here in Maryville Tennessee.  I asked, “how’s business with the whole corona virus thing going on?” Now, I’d think that business would have slowed.  However, he shared that their business had doubled over the previous year for the month of April.  Fascinating right?

I asked the guy why that was.  He said that everyone seems to be wanting to do two things: 1) grow their own food and 2) do home projects that they hadn’t been able to do before.  So WOW!  Part of the goal of our blog is to bring folks closer to the land and show them how beautiful this life can be.  Our tag line is “creating beauty and meaning through homesteading.”

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Below is what our day was like yesterday as captured through photography.

IMG_0629 (1)

We Live In The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee


Photo Capture Of The VLOG We Did Last Night On Chloe’s New Horse – you can see it on our YT channel


The Medicine Pots Begin – However The Aloe Pot Has Mullein In It


Sage Is Good – Basil, Not So Much LOL


A Farm Girl’s Life – Our Views At Our Farm Of The Smokies Foothills



Our Beautiful New Horse Barn My Husband Milled All Lumber From Logs Himself And Built By Hand Alone Last Year — (He’s 73 – So That’s Amazing Right)


Daffy’ Happy Place


(Duck) Eggs & Poop – Hmmmm…..Farm Life Kinda Works That Way


TN Whiskey Is The Friendliest Donkey Ever


Our Australian Shepherd Puppies Are Growing BLilig (They are 24 days old now)


Little Josie – She Was Born On Earth Day (4/22)


Odie – Chloe’s Horse She Bought Yesterday


Chloe + Odie = CHLODIE


Chloe and Odie @ Her “Grit’er Done Ranch” Here At The Farm


Chloe’s Final DIY Chairs – The Fabric Was Torn – She Replaced It With Cherry Slats (Gorgeous)


More Of Chloe’s DIY Chair Project (They Look GREAT!)


We Now Have FOUR Palominos (Three Are Down Below In The Pasture)

Have a great week!

We hope that farm pictures and the corona virus help folks see how important and beautiful rural living can be where you can grow your own food, slow down and build a strong family for generations to come.  We have four generations on our farm.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  In times like this we all pull together and get the work done to feed ourselves, love each other and create many wonderful memories and great times.

We hope you subscribe to our web blog and also hope you subscribe to our youtube channel.  Here’s the VLOG on Odie coming to the farm.  You can subscribe while watching this video.


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