Sheep Shearing – A Dying Craft – Photos In Black & White @ Our Farm

We raise Navajo Churro sheep at our farm here in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.  Our shearer comes out every six months to shear our boutique flock.  We have our wool milled into yarn and roving for spinners, weavers and rug makers.

This is such a special and difficult craft.  I hope that Corona Virus issues are revealing how important the smaller boutique farm is and also how important these people are who do this type of work: sheep shearers, blacksmiths, butchers, the local farmer.

I hope you’ll enjoy these photos that capture this dying trade.  Please subscribe if you are interesting in following and watching the heritage ways of farming at our homestead here in the Smokies.

You can also subscribe to our youtube channel: HiBar Ranch and follow along as well.








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