Food-Flation And The Ever Shrinking Supply Chain


Milk From Our Home Dairy

News came out today that while many asset classes have dropped – energy and services to name a few – due to Corona Virus, food has seen its highest price jump in a given month since 1974.  And with that, rent prices are still going up as well near 4 percent.

On top of that, we just got off the phone with our supplier for our construction project (tiny house project) here at the ranch, and was informed that there are lumber shortages and also near zero appliances available now and for the foreseeable future.  I will not mention the store, but let’s say it’s one of the largest home improvement stores in the country.  No lumber available at all for framing and deck projects.  Think about that for a minute.

So, soaring food prices, limited lumber and basic building materials, appliances and all other products that come from China curtailed, and ever increasing rental prices – that makes for a pretty hard landing for second half of 2020.

Those of us who homestead have been following the farm markets and understand the issues with meat and dairy.  We are also well aware that homesteaders have been shopping for freezers going on two months now, with no freezers to be found, ANYWHERE.

It is times like these that homesteading is well positioned for.  That is not to say that all homesteaders are ‘preppers’.  We aren’t preppers per say, but we are prepared.  We grow our own food but that is because we are farmers.  Farmers who are connected to their land and livestock tend to be prepared.  We don’t live close enough to just hop to the store.  We couldn’t afford our own livestock if we had to call the vet for every booboo on our farm.  We do things by hand.  We build, refurbish and make do.  We have the necessary skills and know how to feed ourselves and our families.  And, we have a deep enough vet tech background to take very good care of our livestock.  We’ve tended to barns and many a rough out building on our lands that we have the places to store things.  And, the list goes on.

I have always been in favor of buying a little plot of land with nothing on it and starting from the ground up and building a little farm.  I was never one who was much into McMansions.  I could never understand a 1 million plus dollar purchase for something massive that sits on a postage stamp sized lot.  That never did make sense to me.  All I saw was high taxes and a target on the person’s back that said, “I am rich”….so “tax me, tax me, tax me.”  That really isn’t my idea of freedom if you know what I mean.

Well, as of this morning it appears this scarcity thing is going a tad further than ‘toilet paper’.  And, it also appears to be a tad longer then that 14-day “shorten the curve” or whatever that little jingle was they threw out there going on two months back.  Yah, it was that long ago folks.

Freedom is looking really nice right now.  Freedom to grow your own food….wear a mask if you choose to on your farm, or not.  Freedom from the city ordinances and government overreach.  The list, once again, goes on.

Call it what you want; prepping, homesteading, farming……who cares.  Right about now that entire spectrum of folks, for what ever reasons their motivations drove them, seemed to drive them in the absolutely right direction.  And I, for one, am darned happy I am a farmer.


A Farm Life



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