Mountain Living – Rustic Elegance In The Smokies

It was cold today at the farm and cloudy.

The babies are all doing well – the baby goats, lambs, chicks, ducks, turkeys, puppies, and now the new rabbit babies.  They were born yesterday.

After milking out seven goats this morning I was so tired.  It always hits me this time of year when I get passed baby season and they are doing well, that I literally crash.  I get so tired as I have been going for three months bottle feeding, being up late at night in the barn to assure births are safe and successful and milking six goats every single day.

Today I hit a wall.  Since it was cold I made a fire and sat and enjoyed the warmth.  I feel so blessed on days like this.  Though tired, I am happy.

I spent the rest of the day in the new addition we put on our victorian farm house.  It is such a beautiful room and peaceful place for me to rest from a very busy spring.

Rustic elegance in the mountains.  Nothing gets better than that in my mind.




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