Farm Photography – Mid May’s Journey @ Our Farm

1I2A0363 copy

Roses And Barn Wood

It’s been a busy spring at the farm.  Now that we are getting caught up on things I thought I’d tour our property and see what was happening and what was blooming.  I love this seasonal tour across the farm.


1I2A0367 copy

Rusty Horse Shoes In Pastures

1I2A0368 copy

Going In The Right Direction — Horses

1I2A0370 copy

Barn Quilt By Chloe

1I2A0373 copy

Bells & Horse Whistles

1I2A0374 copy

Old McDonald Had A Farm

1I2A0379 copy

Palomino and German Shepherd Animal Family

1I2A0391 copy

Honeysuckle Is A Bloom

1I2A0392 copy

Honeysuckle Fence Row

1I2A0393 copy

Our Stream Bubbling Contentedly

1I2A0399 copy

Water And Woodlands On Our Farm

1I2A0402 copy

Woodland Arch

1I2A0403 copy


1I2A0411 copy

Farm Road

1I2A0415 copy

Fences And Riverbeds

1I2A0424 copy

Pasture Greens

1I2A0431 copy

Pasture Rock Removal

1I2A0455 copy

Enjoying The Shade On A Hot Spring Day

1I2A0467 copy



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