Finally! My New Cream Separator Has Arrived

My hand crank cream separator has not been working.  Why?  I am not sure.  Apparently, in spring, goat milk has less fat so there isn’t a lot of cream to separate.  Maybe that was it.  Or, maybe we weren’t running the hand crank fast enough to get it to separate.  Who knows.  But, the bottom line is I wasted a great deal of milk trying to make the separator work.  I’ve used it for years successfully so I was at a total loss.

So, two months ago, I ordered a new electric separator from Amazon. This separator comes from the Ukraine and it never arrived.  Fortunately, the company sent me a loaner until mine did arrive (there are shipping issues internationally due to Covid 19).

I was finally in a position to process my goats milk yesterday and I could not be more pleased with this machine.  It is easy to use alone and efficient and separates the cream beautifully.  I am still excited from yesterday’s efforts.  This is such a wonderful departure from the manual separator that really takes two people to do in order to get cream.  One needs to crank while the other pours and handles the containers.

So, I am providing a few pictures of my wonderful time yesterday making cream.  Now, on to the ice-cream and butter making!!

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