Country Roads Take Us Home

Country roads are calling a lot of people these days as the Corona Virus continues to shackle people to their homes. The wildfires rage along the west coast filling the air with particles that my family says makes it appear as if it’s snowing. But snow it is not; but rather ash.

Here in East Tennessee the world is calm. And I have to say I feel so blessed to live in such a calm and beautiful part of the country. We run an organic farm called HiBar Ranch here in the foothills of the Smokies in East Tennessee.

We all got up pretty early today at the farm. It was such a beautiful morning with fog nestling in the foothills. I took my camera with me this morning while I did chores. My husband got quickly to work building fence.

I captured the picture above along with several dozen more that I will upload later this evening that captures the beauty of the Smoky Mountains in fall.

We pray you are all safe and well during these crazy times we are witnessing. And we encourage you all to find a country road you can travel on where the serenity and peace will engulf you.

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