Old Ways Virtual Classroom #4: The Historical Uses of Suet, Lard And Tallow

Enjoy our latest Old World Virtual Classroom™ session.

Old Ways Virtual Classroom™ is a free weekly virtual learning experience designed for adults and their family (children) alike. Our hope is to inspire people to reconnect with their past and kindle a passion for the old “made by hand” ways of doing things. Country wisdom, indigenous knowledge, heritage ways are the things we examine each week (each new video is released Fridays at 10am.).  At the end of each weekly experience we propose activities you can do within your own family and home that brings this topic to life for you and the ones you love most. It is designed to be fun and educational at the same time. This week we look at the  historical uses and lost art of using suet, lard and tallow.

Old Ways Virtual Classroom #4: Historical Uses of Suet, Lard & Tallow

Remember to subscribe and ring the bell so you get the latest videos from Old Ways Virtual Classroom™ and we also do extensive genealogy and historical coverage of early Appalachia pre-Revolutionary war. We are a pioneer homestead in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Our ancestors were one of the first settler families in Tennessee before it became a state in 1790s. Our ancestors carved the first hunting trails as Long Hunters and mapped the Wilderness Trail with Daniel Boone. Join us on our homesteading journey in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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