It’s Been Quite A Year: Thanks For Following Our Blog! (Visitors from 50 countries)

I decided after a few years to start a blog again this year. I had a farm website where I blogged quite often and had a fairly large following but it took a great deal of time while simultaneously running an organic farm. I closed down that web blog.

After a few years I really began to miss the photography and blogging of farm life. It is such a big part of who I am and my values. It has shaped me and has also shaped my family. My husband loves the forest and is there most times milling lumber. Our daughter is a committed 2nd generation farmer and fiber artist.

So, I started a new blog and website (this one) early in 2020. I want to thank you all as I look back on the year.

We’ve had tons of visitors but most interesting to me, we’ve had visitors from 50 countries this year.

I have done a great deal of video blog posts this year. But I am going to do more writing in 2021 as I really like that, in partnership with photography, even more than video.

So thank you for those who follow our blog and life on our farm.

I appreciation your time and interest in what it is we do here.

Sincerely, Lori

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