Reflecting Back On 2020 Here At The Farm

As I shared in my last blog, I miss writing. I love blog writing but have been doing more videos this year. I have to say that while I like video, I much prefer beautiful photography and writing more. So, with that, I am going to begin writing again here at the blog about life on the farm. I hope you subscribe to our blog if you haven’t already. That way you can be informed when a new blog arrives.

So, about 2020. What a year right? There have been so many twists and turns to this year it is quite amazing really. I don’t think any of us last Christmas considered anything close to what we have experienced in their New Years resolutions a year ago. There has been some really awful parts of 2020: Covid, loss of jobs, a destroyed economy, weirdest election in my lifetime at least, and now the big wonders of wave 2 and longer lock downs. I am sure there is more with the loss of life and loss of friends and family over strong held political beliefs even. To say these things are trivial is a falsehood. These types of events dig deep into our hearts and souls and challenge each of us to find our inner sense of joy, peace and faith in a higher power and in humanity. Some got there this year and many did not. Suicide rates, alcoholism and abuse skyrocketed in many areas and this was not US specific. But, we all know all this already and it’s just plain sad.

What I like to focus on is the positives in every situation. If things can’t be positive then I like to focus on the lessons learned. Because, while learning may be hard – it’s still learning.

Some interesting things I have appreciated this year are the bonds with my family. The time we have had together has really brought us closer. My husband and my daughter bring me great joy. We have all found that our values are much more closely aligned than I would have thought before this year. It’s interesting how the events in the world have caused us all to communicate with each other and discuss our values and priorities. The well fitted nature of the three of us is a blessing to me.

I’ve also noticed how people have been more interested in finding connection. I see kids riding their bikes again, and families walking down the old country roads around here almost every day now. I hear them singing. The kids are skipping and running ahead. They always want to pet our horses and bottle feed our calves – so yah, I notice the happy kids just getting outside with their parents taking a leisurely stroll through the country side.

While I have been a strong proponent for interactive learning from my tech career in the past – I can see that kids need the interaction at school more. I think we’ve overshot the moon on the tech platform side and we are all beginning to see the critical need for connections and friendships that only old fashioned classroom learning and outside and creative inside playtime establish. This is an interesting development.

Also, we have learned that globalism isn’t all that great. Global supply chains can shut down and God forbid we run out of toilet paper again. While that is a funny example, we can’t buy freezers pretty much anywhere in America right now after nine months and we have all just learned 98% of all of America’s drugs aren’t even made in our own country. I’ve many many times this year expressed my gratitude to our local farmer who has a massive farmers market 1.5 miles from our farm where we can literally ride our bikes to. And, we have our own massive bounty here at our own farm.

This year I think we have all learned to expect less and pray more. To send love and check in with family to assure their mental, spiritual and physical well being. We’ve not been able to travel but our hearts have travelled far as we connect emotionally with the ones we love but we can not see.

I summarize this last year as a year that has taken us back to pre-WWII. Back then there weren’t big box stores, wasn’t extensive traveling, farms were the norm and family units were the thing. Education while done in a classroom was also done at home. Moms and Dads were with their kids and walking down the street with bicycles and baskets to pick wildflowers was completely normal.

So, to me – as much as 2020 seemed to crash and burn – by the end of it here in December, I have concluded that the blessings far out-balanced the negatives for us at least here at our farm. I realized I am much more old fashioned than even I realized. I also appreciate the simple things much much more.

I hope you each have a wonderful holiday season whether you live here in the US or abroad. I want to send a special holiday wish to our friends in China. We lived in China for a time and it was such a profound and wonderful experience for our family. It saddens us deeply to see what has happened between our nations and the treachery that appears to have transpired by nations who have such different beliefs and agendas. We have a deep love and appreciation for the Chinese people themselves who live such hard lives under such a repressive system but who continue to show love and the ability to laugh and find beauty in the small things. The kindness the people of China showed to us was so touching to our hearts – we think of the people often.

I hope 2021 offers peace and well being for all people on this planet irrespective of color, creed or location. I hope our leaders in our nations can pick honor over corruption and lead well or step out of the way so that others can lead this world in a better direction where bridges replace walls. This is not a political statement but a prayer for love and kindness, spiritual awakening and peace for 2021.

Have a joyous holiday season.

~ Lori

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