Merry Christmas To All From Us At HiBar Ranch

Wow. It has arrived, Christmas. Mike and I are so thankful for the blessing the Lord has bestowed upon us this year. We want to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season where ever and how ever you celebrate it.

We spent our last few days in the workshop (Santa’s Workshop), making gifts for everyone. It has been a special time for Mike and I. We have both spent so much time and energy on our kids that we decided to make 2021 be the year for Mike and Lori, here at HiBar Ranch. Do you ever do that? Make your New Year’s Resolution be about slowing down and just focusing on your spouse and the love and joy that is shared in that private union?

That is our New Years Resolutions for ourselves and each other.

Atop the grand wonderings of 2021 and Santa Workshop time, we had a HUGE dumping of snow here in East Tennessee. Yesterday afternoon we had approximately 5 inches of snow in less than two hours. While this isn’t a lot of snow elsewhere, when you get snow here it shuts things down and the roads get very bad.

Our daughter had to park her car and walk home at night. Fortunately we reached her by cell and were able to drive to get her in our big 4×4 truck. The power was down for most of the night thereafter. We were able to hunker down by wood stove and with candles, Mike and I. Our daughter was nestled safely in her own cabin here at the farm with fire going and her dogs and cats around her.

I took some photos to show the snow and Santa’s Workshop final products. I thought you might be interested in seeing them. Several items say ReWild Co. Stay Raw Stay Wild. That is our daughter’s new company with products made here at the farm. We made some for her for Christmas with her new branding iron we got her.

The gallery is below. We wish you all a very wonderful day today!

~ Mike and Lori, owners HiBar Ranch

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