Creating Indigenous Gourd Art At Our Farm

2021 is here! Wow, today is the start of a whole new year. I am happy about that.

We grow gourds for art that we sell and you will see them in local galleries in the near future. I wanted to take some time to show you, as today is the start of a whole new year, the work I have been working on over the last week.

These are for sale through ReWild Company (custom art pieces)

Art #1: Named ‘Gourd-geous’

View the gallery (two pictures) – This unique gourd is hand sanded showcasing the natural stunning colors and shapes on the gourd itself. Coated with a clear sheen to enhance the detailing of the patterns in the gourd. It’s base is black walnut live edge hand shaped to create a stoic vessel to hold dried flowers. The dried seed pods are Crape Myrtle and seeds can be extracted to plant your own.

Reply to me if you are interested in purchasing this gourd.

Art 2: Named ‘Cherokee Native

View gallery (two pictures) – This one of a kind gourd is inspired by our local Cherokee people where using traditional vessels such as gourds is a way of life. Here you see our beautiful natural gourd with sheen to showcase the beautiful browns, golden yellows and earthy greens. It is bound with natural fibers creating a gorgeous deep okra red wooden handle made from crape myrtle. The dried hydrangea comes from our own sacred land where it is said Cherokee natives were buried. Across the pasture along a stream I see from my art studio, it is said a hero Cherokee native died after he escaped the Trail of Tears. He died but he died free. The hydrangea is a deep pink tilting towards blood red and expresses the beauty of this sacred valley, the home of my ranch. In this gallery I’ve also provided a picture of the native Cherokee gourd art and festivals we have here that celebrates this beautiful artistry.

Reply to me if you are interested in purchasing this gourd.

Art #3: Named ‘Contemporary Metal Meets Indigenous Wood on Gourd

View gallery (2 pictures) – This gourd container has amazing coloring and serves as a stoic complete gourd in all its natural beauty. Wire is wrapped around deep okra red live edge crape myrtle for handles and button top cap at the top under the spiral silver colored handle. The handle is held down in the interior by pine, crape myrtle and a natural silver colored industrial twist.

Reply to me if you are interested in purchasing this gourd.

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