Our Beautiful Fall Litter (Nov. 2020) Of Australian Shepherds Are All At Their New Homes

I am always so happy and so sad when our puppies leave. But, it is so wonderful to meet the new owners of our puppies and see how much these puppies fill the lives of their new owners with love.

This last week all our puppies went to their new owners – from New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Tennessee. We will be providing cute pictures of the them as they mature as the owners have all promised to keep us updated.

The owners have had this to say after their first 72 hours with their new puppies.

“He is such a love bug and very playful and smart.”

“He is a smart one. He has been going to be back door most times when he wants to go out. The kids are wearing him out. He loves going in his crate for naps. Besides the first night, sleeping hasn’t been too bad. He gets up once in the middle of the night and then goes back to bed until 6.”

“He is the sweetest most perfect boy. We could not have imagined a more beautiful and perfect dog for us. He has blessed our home. Thank you so much.”

The above comments are why we do what we do. We love these dogs so much and the puppies are raised in our house and handled constantly. They get to run out and be on the farm too. But, they are first and foremost provided tons of time and attention by us. They turn into the most lovable and beautiful dogs.

Here’s a few pictures with the new owners.

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