Trying To Keep The Babies Alive In This Insane Cold Spell

We’ve had really cold sub freezing temperatures here in the Smokies over the last few weeks and it will get worse this weekend. We have had days of snow this last week and also have snow in the forecast for two more weeks off and on.

It is such a challenge right now as all our sheep are lambing and goats are kidding. So far, two lambs have been born and six kids. We are about 1/3 of the way through the baby birthing cycle. But this crazy weather has made it very difficult.

Fortunately my husband has been very understanding and I have had to bring in one lamb and three kids to get them warmed up. My utility room was covered with hay for a few days. Our Australian Shepherd puppies we purchased for our breeding program are also in the utility room. They are now in love with goats.

We raise Navajo Churro sheep and raise three different types of dairy goats: Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine and Nubian. We also raise Boer meat goats. We take great care in the well being of the animals and they are basically our children. We are retired so we spend most of our time with the animals and they become like our kids. Each one has their own personality. We have known them all since birth. Every cut, and every pregnancy we are with them. They mean the world to us.

This cold weather will not have us deterred and we frequent the barn every few hours checking for more little ones.

Tomorrow we starts a majority of our seeds indoors – and another growing season begins.

I told my daughter the other day, “”you know, I love this rhythm of farm life. I don’t know what I would do without it. We are busy and work hard every day. But I have no idea how else I’d want to spend time for the rest of my life.” She agrees. So does my husband. We all pondered what city life must be like, without the routines and connection with animals and nature. Even the snow and cold weather reminds us to be alert, hard working and attentive to our little ones who rely on us. It is a very rewarding way to live out retirement.

So, with that I’ll sign off. It’s late, and I need to prepare for an early start tomorrow at the farm. I have to check on babies really early again. But, I wanted to give an update on life on our farm as the cold winds blow and snow covers our land.

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