Busy Spring – An Update On Goings On At The Farm

We have been so busy this spring at the farm. Well, the first day of spring is tomorrow so I guess it’s better to say “late winter.” Over the last few months we’ve been tending greatly to all the new lambs and kids in the barn along with baby chicks and baby turkeys. We have also been so very busy starting all our seeds for our natural medicinals, natural eco-dyeing, guard art, luffa gourds and our vegetables. Much of the starts have moved out to the greenhouse now.

We have one more cold night that can tip under freezing so we are careful with bringing too much out in fear of the cold temperatures causing us to start all over.

We have added new trellises to our raised garden beds to support our grapes, goji berry Logan berry, kiwi and hops. I painted it all white to match our house. It turned out great.

We finally got new oak trellises up for our muscadine grapes. The old trellises had broken and created great problems.

We’ve been up in the mountains milling a great deal of lumber for all our projects here at the farm. I think our latest list is about 25 different projects.

I am very excited for our solar green house we will be building this spring.

All in all it’s been wonderful though. Our days our long and our bodies are sore, but we come inside to a nice fire in our wood cook stove and we see the progress we are making.

If anyone told you homesteading is easy I’d tell you they are lying. We have been working on the infrastructure for this property for six years to get it where we need it for optimal food production and animal husbandry. That is before we haul the 1000 plus bales of hay a year to get into the barn, the milking of goats each day, the seed starting and nurturing, garden prep, bed maintenance, fence build and fixing and tons more things. But, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It’s a great and rewarding life. We have six new fruit trees added this year. We added about ten last year. We have about 20 fruit trees now. I will add more each year. We are getting two more bee colonies. My bees this last year did great and I want to expand. Lots of great things going on.

Here are a few photos of the month in review.

Seed Starts Move Out To The Greenhouse
Winter Garden Is Doing Great In My Growing Greenhouse
Dandelions Are Abloom And Spring Is Coming On Strong
Forsythia Is Blooming
Fruit Trees Are Budding & Blooming
Daffodils Happy To Be Enjoying Spring
Gardens Are Getting Prepared
Spring Lambs Are Doing Great – Here’s One Of Them
The Baby Goats Are Getting Big

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