Three Litters Of AKC Australian Shepherd Puppies Coming In 2022 – Get On The Waiting List!

We are so thrilled to announce that we will be having three litters of Aussies this year from our beautiful dogs.

We we will be having two litters with blue merles and red merles and one litter of black and red tricolored pups!

We will be breeding Ruby and Radar again.

And we will be breeding two other girls Rifle and Nova to Razor.

Razor is our beautiful large male red tri colored Aussie who will throw red and black tricolors with Rifle our black tricolored and then merles both red and blue with Nova, our blue merle.

We have such happy customers who purchase this beautiful puppies. Here is a sampling of our puppies from past litters.

Our puppies are $1500 for merles and $900 for trim-colored puppies with a 50% deposit to hold your puppy. Nova was in heat the first week of April so that is our first litter that will be born.

You can follow us on instagram at @hibarranchinthesmokies to also stay up to date on the puppies!

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