Our First Little Girl Heads To Her New Home – May 8th Australian Shepherd Puppy Litter

Last night was special. There is nothing we love more on our farm than to see young boys and girls thrilled to get their new puppy. Our daughter grew up on our farm and her puppy and her horse were her whole life. In a world gone mad it appears, we feel that providing exceptional dogs to young people is an honor. These dogs change kids lives. They change adult’s lives too, for the better.

Animals seem to do that don’t they? They put a smile on your face, fill your heart with love, and give you work to do that you want to do because of the connection it brings with your puppy.

Little girl “Blue” we called her, is now named “Ridge”. She will be a cattle dog for a young man (15 years old) who runs a cattle ranch with his family. He has wanted an Australian Shepherd for a very long time.

His dad shared the excitement his son had getting ready to pick up little Ridge yesterday. Even before, in the weeks coming up to this moment, his son had already built her a dog kennel. The family has amassed many toys and plan to take her camping on her first weekend with them as a family, the Fourth of July.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. What a blessing to have two litters right at the time kids are out of school, where they can train them, play with them all day and take them camping.

We walk by faith, not by sight – and pray over every puppy that it finds its ideal home. It’s not just about the puppy’s experience, it’s about the experience the dog bring to the family. Dogs shape so many memories for children and families, this is yet another saga ready to be written. And, it will shape this young man’s life for the rest of his life.

I mean, really — how many products and services do that? Not many. But a great puppy – absolutely will. And that is why we love to breed Aussies.

Welcome to your new home little one, may it be the best ever!

We still have a few cuties left so make sure to contact us here if you’d like one!

You can also follow us on instagram (HiBarRanchInTheSmokies) and Facebook (HiBar Aussies).

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