Blue, Rigley, Ranger and Jazz All Have New Homes – Beautiful Stories

It has been a beautiful week. Why? Because we love having wonderful puppies and having them go to wonderful homes. I know a lot of people talk of “you shouldn’t breed there are enough dogs at shelters.” Well the truth is that is true. However, families who know Australian Shepherds and want to have a dog from 8 weeks old that they can raise from the beginning in their home is a special thing. These dogs change lives. They build amazing memories for children who cherish these dogs for their entire lives – in both experiences and in the memories they create.

We love raising amazing dogs who have that affect on people.

This week two of the four dogs went to their new homes – Blue and Rigley. We blogged about Blue already. Rigley (red merle girl with blue eyes) we delivered to Johnson City as we are willing to drive 100 miles to get these amazing puppies to you. Rigley is the sweetest little girl. The new owners were so happy to get her and she is already acclimating so well. They said she was immediately friends with their other dog and she was going potty on command every hour as if she’d done it forever. She is probably going to be one of the most spoiled dogs ever – pretty sure.

The family has a teenage daughter and she and her best friend were in love with Rigley from the start. Of course the dog has a new name now. Rigley was just our name for this little blessing while she was in our lives.

Here are a few cute pictures of the little angel.

Today we were blessed to have another young family visit the farm and spend time with all the dogs. They have a beautiful little girl aged 7. This was going to be her dog so she got to choose. While she loved all the girls and really wanted a girl, they all fell in love with Jazz (which happened to be the name the girl’s parents called her). Jazz is our gorgeous black tri color with bright blue eyes. They will be picking Jazz up next Monday.

Check out Jazz’s blue eyes. Blue eyes are pretty rare on black tricolored aussies.

Ranger, our other blue tri colored boy with one bright blue eye has also been purchased but he will be getting picked up in the coming week.

The joy it brings us to see such happy owners with children so excited to have these bundles of joy in their life is hard to put into words. It’s as if we are helping bring love, compassion and kindness into this world when the world can feel dark and miserable in many ways.

Children have had it really rough with covid and no school, masks and isolation. We believe a really great puppy can cure a child’s sadness and fill their hearts with love and joy.

This is why we raise Australian Shepherds.

That is the latest goings on at our farm. We appreciate you all. And we have a few puppies left so let your friends know if they are interested. We’d appreciate the referral.

~ Mike and Lori

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