So Special ~ All Our Puppies Have Found New Homes

It’s been a wonderful year for Australian Shepherd puppies here at the farm. We had two litters this year so far; May 8th and June 8th. All the puppies have new owners with the last three going to their new owners this Thursday.

It brings us such joy to see the faces of people light up when they see their little bundles of joy. There is so much pleasure and love that comes with raising such amazing dogs.

Here are a few pictures of the wonderful owners who have gotten puppies this year.

We stay in constant contact with the new owners and they send us pictures and videos. We are always available for questions. We will keep you up to date on new puppies this fall. We are tentatively thinking about breeding our other female but may take this fall off as we are going to be new grandparents. Then has our utmost attention from August on. But we will let you know!!

Until then – have a great August and we will post more pictures of the new owners puppies as they share them with us. If you are interested in one of our puppies in the future, please feel out a contact us form and get on our waiting list.

Best, Mike and Lori Davis, HiBar Aussies

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