Artists in Residence

Chloe Hobbs – Natural Fiber Artisan


Chloe Wet Felting A Wall Tapestry @ Two Roots Fiber Farm & Mill

Chloe has been raised and worked on ranches her whole life and was reserve world champion all around equestrian at Appaloosa Worlds.  Chloe has, since the age of seven, been weaving and working with natural fibers including roots, horse hair, wool, alpaca, wood and stone.  She has received art awards in China while living overseas and also holds a patent in China and is likely the youngest American to do so.  Her patent is in the area of high performance materials used to create skateboards etc. which are materials conversions from toxic bi-products from coal converted into high performance materials for use by humanity that are environmentally friendly. Chloe holds her patent jointly with China’s Shenhua, the largest energy company in the world.  Chloe is currently blending  her nursing path with natural arts and natural medicine.  Her appreciation for nature and it’s healing properties drives much of her artistic endeavors, pulling from that energy source to capture profound concepts of grounding, peace, power and spirit, through natural fiber materials art.

Laura RogersMassage Therapist & “Nature’s Art” Therapy Instructor


Laura Bringing Home Her New Donkey

Laura has spent her career in the healthcare industry as a nurse with an emphasis in “good gut” care and wellness.  She is a full time nurse and is also a massage therapist that focuses on the entire well being of the client physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mike DavisMillworks Master Craftsman


Mill Master Mike, In The Woods, Like Always

Mike has spent his career as a leader in developing the solar and renewable energy sector in the United States and abroad, serving as Assistant Secretary of Energy under Bush Senior and running one of America’s largest solar companies.  He was President of the US Solar Energy Industry Association and Hydrogen Association.  Mike has always enjoyed discovery and innovation serving as Associate Laboratory Director For Energy And Environment at Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and as CEO for China’s National Institute For Clean And Low Carbon Energy.  In retirement Mike runs HiBar Ranch and is continually taking more farm infrastructure off the grid and running it on alternative energy.  He spends most of his time working in the woods and milling custom lumber on his log mill.

Lori Davis – Animal Husbandry, Medicinal Specialist & the “Poet Farmer”


4-H Leader & Organic Farm-n-Food Aficionado

Lori has been running an organic farm for ten years and is also a free lance journalist/photographer.  Lori’s background started in media where she was one of a handful of people to launch Marketplace on NPR at KLON Radio studios in Long Beach California.  She went on to become a television reporter and producer in Los Angeles and Portland markets.  Lori later formed and headed a  global “go-to-market” consulting company with emphasis in the energy technology sector.  Her private company offered adjunct Chief Marketing Officer functionality for technology companies looking to rapidly excel toward global dominance in emerging vertical and geographic markets.  With an appreciation for the technology world, Lori also appreciates the antithesis of technology and the pre-requisite for peace being grounded in nature.  It was from Lori’s 24/7-always on a plane-lifestyle, deeply entrenched in the global tech sector, that drove Lori to pursue a much slower “counter-culture” lifestyle that was centered on “balance” for her family through nature, farm life and doing things by hand.  Lori manages all the livestock and food production on the farm with her interests being natural medicinals, holistic foods and organic wellness products such as soaps, salves, teas and a home dairy and writes on homesteading and farm life when time permits.  When she’s writing it’s usually poetry about life on the farm.