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Mike & Lori Davis, Owners HiBar Ranch


We encourage you to follow our blog and subscribe to our Rumble Channel “HiBarRanch” where we blog and VLOG daily on farm life and share thoughts and moments that capture life through the lens of simpler down to earth living often through poetry and art.  We share information and insights that help others transition toward a more sustainable and simplified life.


HiBar is a Smoky Mountain East Tennessee heritage farm and Victorian lodge that applies old world craftsmanship to inspired artistic pursuits.  Our rustic mountain estate is based in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.  We are a full service operating organic farm, wood mill, dairy operation and fiber arts studio.  We share our journey and learning/wisdom with all of you.

We believe in living close to the land in an organic way and creating expressions of beauty and elegance using all natural forms: wood, wool & fiber, leather, bone, metal, stone, gourds, natural medicine & healing.  Along with livestock we run a wood mill and operate a home dairy.  From these endeavors many artistic creations are made; from organic goat milk soaps, natural salves and medicinal teas, to custom milling and unique one of a kind furniture and fiber arts creations for fashion and home.

We are an Australian Shepherd breeder and also raise heritage livestock including Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, Alpine dairy goats, Nubian dairy goats, Boer meat goats, Navajo Churro sheep, heritage breed poultry and run a custom logging mill and home dairy.  We also have on the farm quarter horses, ducks, chickens, bees, and turkeys.

We sell fiber and wood arts, livestock, milling and medicinal products and also offer massage therapy and art/nature wellness classes here at our farm.  You can learn more about our products and services by going to the menu bar above in both products and services and also for sale.

We are a farm focusing on raising heritage breed livestock.  Welcome to our farm!  We hope you enjoy your time with us.

~ Mike & Lori Davis




~ From all of us @ HiBar Ranch, Farm & Forest


Peaceful Happy Life @HiBar Ranch, Smoky Mountains East Tennessee (Maryville, TN)