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Farm Tour ! (January 2020)

Cute video updates of the springy little goats / Lil Bean doing great (1/27/20)



Another new day old lamb Star learning how to nurse (1/27/20)


Skyfall (day old lamb) is the prettiest little girl we’ve ever had on the farm (1/25/20)


Our beautiful twin girls from Greta – Lilly and Rose This Morn (1/25/20)


Two really cute videos of the baby goats playing this morning in the barn – Ain’t farm life great?! (1/24/20)



We just had the cutest lamb ever born this morning (1/24/20) – Her coloring is amazing.  We named her “SkyFall”.


Watch Our Latest Farm Video Of Our Baby Goats Playing In The Barn (1/20/20)


Twin Girls Born Last Night (1/21/20)