We are a small farm in the smokies that breeds gorgeous AKC registered Australian Shepherds.  You can find us on Facebook at HiBar Aussies and Instagram at HiBar_Aussies.  We have many happy customers and references are available upon request.  We hand deliver puppies within a 100 mile radius of Knoxville.  We raise quality Australian Shepherds as loved pets, with all health clearances you’d want as a new owner.  Our dogs are gorgeous parents with companion minded dispositions, and bred to produce pups with awesome natures, intelligence, and health.

Meet our grand sires and dams!


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Radar – (Male)

Radar is so intelligent and focused it’s uncanny.  It’s like he can read Mike’s mind as he sits by him in quiet contemplation.  This dog and that man, well – they are connected in a very deep way.  They don’t have to speak but they understand each other.  Radar is just simply that special as a dog.  He’s never hyper.  He’s drop dead loyal.  He’s that once in a life time dog that every man wants by his side.  This is why we began to breed him.  His disposition is far too rare to let pass on without little Radars to carry on that special gene.


Ruby – (Female) – Litter #3 – Mothers Day, 2022,Litter #2 November 25, 2021, Litter #1 Spring 2020

Ruby is the mother of all mothers.  She is the most attentive and nurturing dog we have ever known.  She sits in my wife’s lap whenever she can.  Ruby loves her daily rides in the four wheeler as my wife does chores feeding the cows, horses and goats.  Yes, our dogs are active on the farm.  The puppies too learn to coexist with critters small and large.  The puppies are all raised in the house.  But then they move outside into our special kennels where they are safe but can play and get out into the world.  Ruby is right there 100% of the time.  She is a dream beyond dreams.


Razor (male)

Razor is our newest addition to the breeding program.  He is a large Aussie with height and length to him that makes him a great dad with beautiful offspring.  While his body is big his heart is even bigger.  He is a pushover one could say as he prefers love and kisses over anything too assertive.  He’s mild mannered and gentle at heart.  His one bright blue eye and one bright golden eye make his offspring more likely to have blue eyes which is such a beautiful match with that red.  We love Razor deeply.

1I2A2190Rifle – (female)

Rifle is Ruby’s daughter and carries that same nurturing and kind disposition with her which is why we kept her.  Her gentle loving ways and playful attitude makes her a joy to have at the farm.  She is quiet and patient, not one to bark or become loud when changes and new things appear (as they always do at the farm).  She is observant and curious but stays poised and calm.  It is this disposition that is the best of both Radar and Ruby that makes Rifle such a wonderful mom to another generation of very sweet babies.


Nova – (Female) – Litter #1 June 8th, 2022

Nova is daughter of Radar and a smaller Aussie in size.  She is lean and fancy as we call her, as she likes to prance when she walks and bend her one leg up when she stops to look at animals or birds.  She is our fancy prancer with her sleek lines and graceful movement.  She is a great indoor dog and loves to simply be near us.  She is more of the home body than any of the other dogs.  It’s an interesting contrast as each dog is so very different.  She just has her first litter with Razor and they are beautiful.