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Poetry often speaks when others are silent.  It is a form of expression that straddles age, demographics and geography.  It stirs the soul and opens the mind.  Farming, rural America and the pioneer woodsmen are similarly ageless and soulful, opening the mind to things that have deep intrinsic meaning.  This is a collection of poems in the Celebrating Rural Living Series by Lori Davis that captures the essence of life in rural America and in wilderness frontiers across this great land.  it specifically attempts to capture the beauty and nostalgia of a way of life that is rapidly being forgotten.

Feel free to read my two books of poetry for free here by clicking the link below each book cover.

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Celebrating Rural Living Volume I

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Celebrating Rural Living Volume II

Individual Poems Below

Etched In My Bones Is The Life Of A Cowgirl

Growing Up Country

Simple Living

The Last Vestiges Of Rural America

You Take My Breath Away

This Old Rocking Chair

My Rustic Hideaway In The Mountains

Anxiously Awaiting The Dawn

My Pregnant Doe Asiago

Snow Dust Farm Morning