Rustic Victorian Lodge Design

Take a tour of our Victorian Farm and travel back in time where the beauty we love the most is made by hand.

HiBar Victorian Lodge is an architectural blend of Thomas Jefferson style Americana and Great Camp era Adirondacks, blended into a rustic elegance that brings history and nature together in an harmonic way.  With a desire to fuse nature and wilderness with old world relics and utilitarian functionality, HiBar architecture and design straddles three worlds: “High mountain rustic”, “farmhouse” and “Americana” styles.

Take a tour through HiBar Victorian Lodge….and below yet another tour through our off the grid high mountain rustic retreat.

In collage photo section you can click on photo which creates pop up viewing that you can scroll through for larger picture size across that selection of photographs.

Enjoy a trip back in time……



During snow season….

Our off the grid rustic retreat.


HiBar Off Grid